Real Yoga for Real People

We live in the Real World.

We all have jobs to do, families to take care of and social lives to squeeze in to our busy schedules, each of them a drain on our limited our time and energy. As we tick off one task after another, we can lose touch with what is important in life. We can even lose touch with ourselves.

At time like these, the practices of Yoga can help us bring balance and clarity into our lives. Yet, many modern approaches to Yoga fail to go beyond the physical and meet our deeper needs and truly tackle the stress of modern living. As Real People, our bodies and our minds need care and attention that extends far beyond the reach of intense workouts and gymnastic routines.

Real Yoga has the tools to help us stay healthy at every level of our being—physical, mental-emotional and spiritual. Beyond the benefits of movement and posture practice (asana), the breathwork (pranayama), meditative (dhyana), sound (mantra) and gesture (mudra) practices of Yoga will help you bring positive change into every aspect of your life.

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Sharing What We’ve Learned

Our teachers have a deep and thorough understanding of the many different techniques, practices and theories of Yoga. They earned their expertise through decades of practice, study and teaching on a daily basis. We teach from a solid grounding in the therapeutic approach to Yoga of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, the grandfather of modern Yoga, with a number of other influences on our individual teaching styles.

Since we’ve been through the mill of bringing Yoga practice into our Real World lives, you don’t need to. We can use our experience to help you find an approach to Yoga that is right for your unique needs.

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Finding Your Path

Every one of our students is different. Each of us has unique individual needs and capabilities, so we offer a number of different ways to bring the power of Yoga into your life:

Everyday Needs

Regular practice is at the heart of making changes through Yoga, and most students find that attending one or more of our weekly Yoga and Meditation Group Classes is enough to keep them going.

At times of illness or injury, when the class schedule doesn’t fit your life or if you simply want to go a bit deeper by starting a daily home practice, our Yoga One-to-One Sessions (often called Yoga Therapy) will meet our needs.

And for those times when you need even more care and support, we recommend some calming  Tantsu Bodywork Sessions (Tantric Shiatsu) to help your system relax and revitalise.

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Deeper Needs

We eventually get a sense that it has something deeper to offer–a power to bring positive change into our everyday lives.

In our workshops we get the time to explore the practice and theory of the Yoga system in greater depth. Even more so if we commit to going on Retreat, where we spend a number of days relaxing and revitalising our system through Yoga practice and inspiring ourselves with a better understanding of how Yoga works. And for those who feel drawn to learn even more in order to teach, our Yoga Foundations Teacher Training Course will nurture your inner teacher until they are ready to step forward and be the next evolution of Yoga.

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Teachers’ Needs

The first thing you learn from Yoga Teacher Training is that the learning never stops. But sometimes on the lifelong journey of learning we reach a plateau, and need a guiding hand to direct and inspire our way forward. That’s why we created our two flagship postgraduate teacher training courses.

Yoga Journey is for existing teachers who want to understand the incredible power pf Krishnamacharya’s therapeutic approach to Yoga, and learn to apply it in their personal and teaching practices. Yoga Evolution is for teachers with an understanding of Krishnamacharya’s approach who want to move on to the next level of practice and teaching through deeper meditative practice.

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Talk with Us

Krishnamacharya insisted that Yoga is all about relationship, so we invite you to get in touch and let us know–what do you really need from Yoga?

We are happy to offer a free consultation to help you work out which path to Yoga will serve you best. We believe in the power of Yoga to help you bring positive change into your life, so get in touch with us now to get the process started.

Since we’ve been through the mill of bringing Yoga practice into our Real World lives, you don’t need to. We can use our experience to help you find an approach to Yoga that is right for your unique needs.

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Find Us

Our main base is in Melbourne, Australia, and at present our classes and courses are operating from two venues in the bay area: Studio 202, Level 1, 16-20 William Street, Balaclava 3183 and The Yoga Hut, 16 Cochrane Street, Brighton 3186.

For anyone living beyond travelling distance, we offer online One-to-One Sessions via Skype, and also offer a number of online training options with workshops, courses and teacher trainings available via the Internet soon. To stay up-to-datewith our latest offerings and receive pre-booking offers and discounts, please click this link to sign up to our newsletter mailing list.

Starting in 2016, we will be offering a full program of Yoga workshops, retreats and teacher training courses in New Zealand. We will be based on North Island, in the stunning natural beauty of the Coromandel Peninsula at Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity. To stay updated with our latest developments and receive exclusive offers please click here to sign up for our regular email newsletter.