Breath of Life – 9 September 2017

Breath is life. Beyond our survival needs, the ancient texts of Yoga tell us again and again how vital mastery of our breathing processes is to our health and, ultimately, to our freedom.

Join us for a few hours exploring how we can bring the breath into practice, what it does for us and why it is so important to our evolution as practitioners and teachers. We’ll see how different even simple Asana (posture) practice can be when it is led by the breath, revealing a deeper dimension of practice far beyond the usual approach to group classes. Let us show you how intensity can flow from breath work without the strain of stronger physical work, bringing transformation at every level of the body.

Although aimed at Yoga Teachers, this workshop is also accessible to Yoga Teacher Trainees, aspiring Yoga Teachers and interested practitioners of any level. These practices will be simple in nature and led at your current level of ability, so there’s no need to worry about pretzel poses, gymnastics or marathon breath-holding practice.

Venue size is limited to 6 places, so please click the button below to book your place and avoid disappointment. Please note that your place is only confirmed once full payment is made.

DATE: Saturday 9 September 2017

TIME: 1.30 – 4.30pm

VENUE: Trikaya Yoga, 7 Lorrean Avenue, Brighton East 3187


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