The Secret to Meditation

Some of the statements that are made about meditation practice and peacefulness can be misleading. More than that, they can lead to unrealistic expectations that cause beginners to lose heart and give up their practice.

The most common thing people who don’t meditate say to us is, “I can’t meditate. I tried it but I can’t stop my thoughts. I can’t find any peace.”

They say this because they’ve heard meditation will bring them peace. Nobody […]

Upgrade Your Operating System

The underlying premise of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is that our mind’s operating system is flawed.

Patanjali tells us that the very reason we suffer in life, the root source of all our stress and anxiety and depression and worries is that our basic viewpoint on life is flawed. He calls this lack of seeing clearly Avidya, which is Sanskrit for misperception.

Our operating system is usually based on the culture in which […]