As we grow through Yoga, as well as the inner changes to our body, breath and mind we also benefit from an evolution of our ability to relate to others. The culmination of this is expressed in our participation with Community (Sangha), being our connections and interactions with like-minded souls.

We are so grateful to be connected with the following inspirational teachers, organisations and other businesses are our friends, colleagues and associates. We wholeheartedly recommend them as excellent guides and resources to help your evolution through Yoga:

Rebel Monk

In November 2018, Scott and Kelly opened the first Rebel Monk yoga studio in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

This beautiful modern studio has 30 mats with comfortable spacing, and hosts not only 44 classes a week but a full programme of Yoga events and teacher training. Classes are based around the ancient model of the Five Elements and led by some of Melbourne’s most exciting new Yoga teachers. To go with the best of teachings, the spa-quality changing rooms and an on-site cafe combine to produce the perfect environment for the modern Yogi.

To access their classes, Rebel Monk offers a one-month unlimited $60 Intro Offer membership, that you can book by downloading the Rebel Monk app (available on iOS App Store and Android Google Play).

Christopher Potter

Christopher Potter SamyogaChristopher is a Melbourne-based yoga teacher, shiatsu practitioner and reflexologist, who has trained with many teachers in Thailand and India. He has previously worked internationally, in Germany, Spain, Turkey and Italy. Christopher’s approach takes a holistic view of the body, inviting communication with the student’s own inner teacher and promoting self-enquiry into the various connections between networks of parts, organs, systems and centres that lie within.

Christopher’s current practice is based in St Kilda, and you can contact him through his website at www.samyoga.com.

Debby Badger


As a student of yoga for twenty years, and a yoga teacher since 2009, Debby brings her knowledge of yoga and a deep understanding of the capacity of human beings to grow and learn to her teaching. She has travelled to India several times to complete a two year Vedic Chanting Teacher Training course in 2014, under the mentorship of Radha Sundararajan, and has studied the Sanskrit language at Australian National University.

Debby teaches Yoga and Vedic Chanting classes and one-to-ones from her studio in Brighton, Melbourne, and you can contact her through her Facebook page (full website coming soon).

Deb Robertson

d38fc3_491182e0b284489190c312e6446abd1b.jpgDeb has been a student of yoga for well over two decades, and a professional teacher for more than 12 years. She originally completed Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in 2001, later training in the Krishnamacharya tradition and completing Yoga Therapy training in 2013 (including two internships at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram). In her work as a yoga therapist, Deb has supported individuals experiencing a wide range of health problems including arthritis, asthma, cancer, bad backs, heart disease, stress and anxiety.

Deb is based in Williamstown, Melbourne, and you can contact her through her website at www.yogadanam.com.au.

Sally Wilcox

Sally Wilcox YogaSince discovering Yoga, Sally has found it to be an anchor that helps her to live with more light, breath and space in her life. She initially trained as a yoga teacher at Byron Yoga in Byron Bay, before continuing her studies in the Krishnamacharya tradition with Kelly in Melbourne. She embraces Yoga as a process of self-transformation, to peel back our fixed ideas and surrender to what is truly there.

Sally currently lives and teaches between Griffith, NSW and Anglesea, VIC, and you can contact her through her website at www.sallywilcoxyoga.com.

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram

Krishnamacharya Yoga MandiramFor many decades, the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India, has been the focal point for the dissemination of the teaching of healing yoga in the tradition of Yogacharya Sri T. Krishnamacharya. Founded by TKV Desikachar in honour of his father in 1976, KYM has maintained the highest standard of quality teaching for thousands of students, local and international, since its inception.

The focus of KYM is the provision of Yoga that meets the specific needs of those who seek its help, and it runs a full program of yoga studies and healing yoga services. This includes The Heart of Yoga, the comprehensive four-week 120 hour intensive covering the key aspects of Krishnamacharya’s approach to Yoga. You can find more detail on the courses and other services provided by KYM at www.kym.org.

Dharma Ocean

Dharma Ocean LogoDharma Ocean is a worldwide community of meditators, following the path of embodied spirituality in the lineage of Tibetan teacher, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Dharma Ocean is a non-monastic, householder based lineage, a community of householder yogins who prioritise the practice of Somatic Meditation, as taught by Dr. Reginald Ray, in their lives.

An inspired and vibrant community, Dharma Ocean is not a  religious body. They form a large and diffuse community without any definite boundaries, and the simple act of connecting with the somatic teachings makes you a member of this lineage. How you choose to connect further is entirely up to you.

You can find out more about Dharma Ocean and the practice of Somatic Meditation on their website at www.dharmaocean.org.

Yoga Somatics

1416823048713Yoga Somatics is an ever-changing and growing approach to yoga with the primary objective of recovering the natural intelligence that lives and thrives in our living, breathing bodies. Practice encourages full body self-awareness and vital health through innovative movement, breath, sound and meditation experience.

Yoga Somatics, developed by yoga and Tantsu teacher Ateeka, explores the inner territories of body, mind and emotions. The inner and outer movements of yoga asana become a meditation that leads toward deeper awareness of your inner self and will help you to cultivate trust in the intelligence of your own body.

You can discover more about Yoga Somatics on Ateeka’s website at www.yoga-somatics.com.