In the modern world, Yoga has become synonymous with group classes, which are great for bringing energy and community connection into Yoga practice. What isn’t so well known is that group Yoga classes are an entirely modern invention, and Yoga was taught on a one-to-one basis between teacher and student for centuries.

Also known as Yoga Therapy, the teaching of Yoga on a one-to-one basis is a more effective way to evolve your personal practice. Not only can the teacher get to know your individual needs and prepare a program to take you in the direction of your personal goals, but the evolving teacher-student relationship is traditionally renowned as a powerful Yoga tool for deepening practice.

Yoga Therapy sessions are particularly applicable if you are injured or suffering from any specific illnesses that makes it impossible for you to join in a group class without the risk of worsening your condition. Through regular Yoga Therapy sessions and your commitment to personal practice, your teacher can help you to discover the specific Yoga practices that will improve your life situation.

Private sessions are also more suited to Yoga Teacher Mentoring, as the individual needs and interests of every Yoga Teacher can be very different. These sessions can involve the development of an individualised practice, but can also follow your personal interests in areas of study such as Yoga philosophy, chanting, therapeutic applications and the evolution of your teaching methodologies. By meeting on a one-to-one basis you can be sure that your personal journey will unfold just the way you want it.

And of course there are times when we need a little extra help in dropping a few levels of stress. If that sounds like your situation then a Tantsu (Tantric Shiatsu) session may help you relax and let go.

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