The Best Job in the World!

Do you love what you do at work? Bounce out of bed every morning to prepare for a job that floats your boat? Lay down to sleep at night with a sigh of satisfaction and a warm feeling that you’re living life the way you want it to be?

Idealism aside, this is one of the first things we considered when thinking about our coming Yoga Foundations teacher training course. Rather than creating a course that is aimed at delivering a bundle of intellectual information for people to absorb and process, we started by asking a simple question – what use is a Yoga Teacher Training Course anyway?

Our answer was that it’s only of use if it improves your life in some way. Now, for some that will just simply be a deeper understanding of their own personal practice, as many people choose to indulge in Yoga Teacher Training without any intention to teach. For others though, it brings a hope of expanding personal practice into their working lives, and spending their days living how they want to live.

This is where we both started, leaving behind old routines that weren’t so good for us and moving on to better ways that freed us from the very thing that was holding us back. Don’t get us wrong, being a Yoga teacher isn’t a stroll in the park. There’s a lot of unseen work that happens, from the planning that goes into every class or course, to business tasks such as updating websites and engaging in marketing. It’s not a spiritual delight every hour of every day, yet there’s always a lot of freedom to work how you choose, when you choose and to create space in your life for slowing down and engaging in deeper practice.

As Yoga teachers, we’ve travelled and taught from one end of the globe to the other. We’ve met a whole load of amazing people along the way, helped some and been helped by others, and formed so many great (sometimes instant) friendships with like-minded souls. At the same time we’ve paid for our houses and cars, and raised children just like everyone else has had to do. What has been very different for us in working as a Yoga teacher is the satisfaction and freedom that came from work-life balance, which was always promised by other lines of work but never quite seemed to arrive.

That’s why we reckon, if you have a deep connection and commitment to Yoga practice, that being a Yoga teacher is the best job in the world.