What is the Future of Yoga?

We live in a time when “everyone knows what Yoga is” but one thing is for sure, there’s a lot out there that’s being called Yoga that isn’t. The media profile for Yoga suggests a focus on exercise, gymnastics/contortionism and attaining perfection. Social media and Yoga magazines bombard us with these images of perfect bodies in perfect postures. Junior teachers straight out of the most basic training with little background in Yoga present as if they truly understand its depths. Senior teachers get embroiled in sex scandals or act in ways that show they’ve missed the point of practice by failing to serve and support their students and only act in their own neurotic interests.

Is this really the future of Yoga?

Well, I think not. I think that the future of Yoga is you.

Yoga isn’t what some misguided former gymnast who sees a financial opportunity in her flexibility by branding it as Yoga wants it to be. Yoga isn’t what some hypocritical businessman who adds a fad gimmick like heating a room to the wonderful practices of Yoga says it is. And it’s certainly not what the Lalamelon or other corporate marketing machines make it out to be.

Yoga is what you do. You, not them. The evolution of Yoga, its future, is what you are going to make it, not by your words but by your actions. It will evolve according to the teachers you support, the practice that you do every day (or don’t) and the way you choose to live your life.

You see we tend to think of Yoga traditions or lineages as being something that someone else set up. That’s like saying you’re “stuck in traffic” instead of realising that actually you ARE the traffic jam. A Yoga tradition is a living breathing thing that right now, on the face of this planet, is lived and breathed by you.

So how do you want to see Yoga evolve? How would you like things to be? We have our own ideas, and that’s why we live and teach the way that we do, offer out the classes, workshops and teacher training that we do. We are living the Evolution of Yoga as us in action. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help, your vision and your insights. Most of all we need your action.

Yoga needs you!