Upgrade Your Operating System

The underlying premise of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is that our mind’s operating system is flawed.

Patanjali tells us that the very reason we suffer in life, the root source of all our stress and anxiety and depression and worries is that our basic viewpoint on life is flawed. He calls this lack of seeing clearly Avidya, which is Sanskrit for misperception.

Our operating system is usually based on the culture in which we live, and for most of us living in a very materialistic culture that’s not a good thing. We misperceive the way that things work because of the way in which we are programmed to operate by our parents, teachers and the rest of society. We create our belief systems based on theirs, and they based theirs on the programming they received, and so on back down the line to the cavemen and the primordial slime. Patanjali reckons at some point in that chain, we got it all horribly wrong.

He reckons that we suffer because our minds don’t work as well as we think they do when we use them the way we’ve been using them. And he reckons that there’s something we can do about it. His suggestion is to follow a series of progressive and sequential awareness practices that he calls Yoga.

So if you’ve been noticing those glitches in the matrix, too many virus attacks or unexplained crashes in your system, don’t worry. The good news is, it’s not a complete system failure so there’s nothing really wrong with you. You’ve just got a faulty operating system and that can be fixed.

It takes some effort, but we reckon you’ll be much better off when you uninstall OldYou and upgrade to Yoga 2.0.