Why do Yoga?

Krishnamacharya summed up the aims of Yoga in three words: Health, Healing and Beyond.

When we are well, we continue our practice in order to improve our health and increase our constitution on every level as far as our individual potential (svabhava) permits. We explore the boundaries of body, breath and mind to better know ourselves in a practical, earthly way. This is Yoga for Health.

When we are out of balance, whether in body, breath or mind, we do Yoga for Healing (often called Yoga Therapy these days). Our practice restores us to balance, taking us back to an ordinary level of health, so that we can continue as before.

At some point on our life’s journey, we may begin to sense that our view of the world is somewhat limited, and wonder what lies past our earthly sight. We get clues that the ways we have been living are at best restricted, and perhaps even delusional. We start to question what we are doing and why we are here. The deeper practices of Yoga can help us find the (non-linear, experiential) answers. This is Beyond Yoga.

In Yoga for Health, Healing and Beyond, we have a complete system that will serve our individual needs throughout our lifetime.