Time to Dive In Deeper

Somewhere between a weekly group class and a retreat or teacher training, workshops are events of a few hours arranged around a specific yoga topic such as a focus of Yoga practice (e.g. heart opening or backends) or specific teachings (e.g. the Yoga Sutras or Vedas), or an approach that meets specific needs such as pregnancy or medical conditions. In a workshop we have more time to explore the depths of particular practices and studies, and answer the probing questions that arise for many students that are not so appropriate to ask in the middle of a group class.

Workshops are an excellent opportunity to begin (or continue) an immersion into the greater depths of Yoga practice. At first it may seem daunting to move from the “turn up for class once a week” phase of practice and start learning about areas of Yoga that sound quite alien (and sometimes dull), such as yoga philosophy or chanting. However we can promise you that these areas are always presented in a lively fashion that is not only interesting but also applicable to yoga practice and modern living.

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Time to Let It All Go

Let’s face it, you work too hard! How do we know? An educated guess based on the hundreds of students we’ve seen over our decades of teaching experience. Everybody’s trying so hard to meet the expectations of our friends, family, bosses, colleagues and even sometimes random strangers we encounter that we forget one person. We forget to take care of ourselves.

Our Yoga Retreats can help you to redress that imbalance. They can be fun as we meet new people and enjoy new experiences. They can also be hard work as we struggle to change our usual habits, the ones that hold us back. More often than not, they are a fascinating and refreshing blend of both. By moving away from our usual everyday environment and schedule,  we experience a different way of being that can  inspire and motivate us to find a better way to live. It’s like the restorative effect of our weekly Yoga class times a thousand. Yoga Retreats offer us so many benefits, but above all they gift us an opportunity for a level of change that we often cannot access while we are still plugged in to our everyday life. They are a tremendous development investment in our own wellbeing at every level.

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