Longing for Change

You want to Evolve.

As a committed Yoga practitioner and teacher, getting stuck just isn’t an option. You feel a drive to keep on growing, learning and progressing deeper into the beating heart of Yoga’s farthest unknown layers. We know this feeling too—the fiery longing to develop greater clarity and insight so that we can guide our students further . Such yearning is the mark of the Yogin, and the path of Evolution is the only way you know.

It can help to find a guiding hand and Yoga Evolution, our 6-month postgrad Yoga Teacher Training course, will give you just that. We’ll give you 150 hours of training within the container of a semi-retreat format, revealing the framework and models of Krishnamacharya’s approach to Hatha and Raja Yoga to help you to consolidate your existing years of practice, study and teaching experience, discovering what lies beyond your current field of vision.

This course is suitable for Yoga teachers who are committed to deepening their personal Yoga practice and teaching from an authentic core of experience, and will take a very different approach to content and learning methodology than most other postgrad courses.

A Different Way for Different Results

We think, plan and teach different, so that you get a different tresult. So what do we do that’s so remarkably different?

Authority – With more than 25 years of teaching experience as full-time Yoga teachers and therapists, its fair to say that we’ve been around the block. Our core training for years with TKV Desikachar and the teachers of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India, and internationally, has given us a broad and solid foundation of Yoga understanding that is unusual in the modern age of short TT courses.

Authenticity – We teach all of the subjects on our Teacher Training courses ourselves, as we feel it is important as trainers to be role models who never ask students to learn anything that we don’t fully understand ourselves. We teach without dogma, from the basis of our own Yoga experiences in daily practice and in life.

Comprehensiveness – Our teachers never shied away from teaching the hidden or secret (esoteric) aspects of Yoga practice, so we won’t either. From a foundation in the basic practices, we’ll guide you through the fullest spectrum of Yoga, to help you build a complete understanding from direct personal experience.

Groundedness – On our journey together through Yoga’s most mind-blowing revelations on your innermost landscapes, we keep our feet well and truly on the ground. You’ll discover the most practical attitudes to subtle body practices that not only bear fruit in your personal life, but are easily taught onwards to your students.

Self-Empowerment – Yoga should always empower the practitioner so we won’t simply spoon-feed you pointless practices and endless useless facts. We’ll teach you Krishnamacharya’s working models and frameworks that will lead you to a deeper understanding of the Yoga method, leaving you to unleash your personal creativity in designing and teaching as an expression of your own unique being.

Support – Included in the price of Yoga Evolution is 10 hours of one-to-one mentor sessions. That way, we know you’ll receive all the help you need to guide you towards your own personal evolution in your own unique way over the length of this course.

Quality – We’re nowhere near to being the most expensive postgrad course around, nor are we the cheapest, but we wholeheartedly believe that cent for cent we offer the best value from the high quality and depth of content we offer.

Methodology – As professional educators, we aspire to teach in modern ways that go beyond the archaic “I-speak-you-listen” methods still employed in many training courses. With a mixture of modern active learning methods and ancient Yogic approaches, we create a unique learning environment for students that truly helps them understand.

Put together, we feel that all these factors make Yoga Evolution not just unique but powerfully effective as a Postgraduate Yoga Teacher Training course.

The Course for You

With practice, study and interactive workshops in a semi-retreat format, we’ll explore many topics during the Yoga Evolution course including:

The development of practices of Asana, Pranayama, Bandhas, Pratyahara and Meditation following Krishnamacharya’s framework for progression;

Practical aspects of Chapter 3 of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (also a summary of Chapters 1 and 2);

Functional Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga Practices;

Yogic Anatomy (aspects and models of the Subtle and Causal Bodies);

Practical Teaching Methodology and Evolution as a Teacher

The aim of all study and practice during this course will be to help you effectively evolve your Yoga practice at a personal level, thereby facilitating your growth as a teacher.

Professional Standards

YA reg training course logoLike all our Yoga Teacher training courses, Yoga Evolution is registered with Yoga Australia as a Post-Graduate Teacher Training course.

We have designed the course specifically so that you can upgrade your membership level with Yoga Australia, or apply for membership (depending on your previous training and qualifications).

Evolve with Us

Beyond the realm of our thinking mind, of judging and learning and memorising, lies the land of intuition that Patanjali speaks of in the second half of his Yoga Sutras. From that place, your perspective on all you’ve learned about Yoga will shift and everything you thought you understood will change. We want to help you to evolve into that place, to live your life and help your students from a deeper, steady space within you.

We promise you lots of questions. Evolution itself is an open-ended question, a perpetual asking that never necessarily answers in a way that you could explain to anybody else. It is in that asking, not in the finding (or being given) “the answer”, that we grow and evolve as humans and as Yoga Teachers. From that place we stand in the best position not only to respond to our Yoga students properly, but to meet the challenges of life for ourselves

Our next Yoga Evolution course in Melbourne will start on Saturday 26th May 2018.

Kelly Davies and Scott Rennie will be your course tutors and mentors for Yoga Evolution, giving you the benefit of their decades of Yoga training and experience.

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