Evolving Practice

Yoga Evolution is a 6-month, 150hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course, suitable for Yoga teachers who are committed to deepening their personal Yoga practice and teaching from an authentic core of experience. This program will take a very different approach to content and learning methodology than most such postgrad courses.

We’ve noticed that most comparable level courses focus on refinements to asana practice such as alignment, adjustment and anatomy issues. Yet it is very clear in all the ancient texts on Yoga that progress doesn’t come from endlessly focusing on posture work. These authoritative texts clearly state that the way forward in practice (and therefore in teaching) is to move on to deeper, more subtle experiences. Without discarding the valuable gateway practices, this means shifting the emphasis of practice away from gross physical movement and into the different layers of meditative practice. So the emphasis of this course is the shift towards the deeper transformational practices offered by Patanjali in the rarely-studied third chapter of his Yoga Sutras.

Also, we feel that too many courses emphasise outdated educational methods such as rote learning and intellectual study. We want our trainees to truly understand the deeper Yoga practices from the inside-out, as these practices cannot be taught properly with a glancing or theoretical level of knowledge. This course will instead guide trainees into inquiry-based learning and experiential insights, delivered in a retreat-style format and using the power of sangha (community) to create a learning environment that supports your personal journey through and beyond the deepest layers of mind.

We hope that you want that too, and are ready to evolve your Yoga to the next level.

Evolving You

There comes a time as a Yoga Teacher when other people’s experiences cannot help you evolve any further. More books, more teachings, all the things that once gave you a standardised model to help you unfold your experience don’t quite do it any more. In fact, they often seem to rob you of the very experience that life is giving you through your practice. If you want to be spoon-fed your learning, then Yoga Evolution isn’t for you.

Your commitment to Yoga is firm and you understand the deeper value of meditative practice in developing your Yoga at both personal and professional levels. If you have no understanding of the basis of Krishnamacharya’s approach to Yoga and/or the first two chapters of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras we’ll help you with a refresher before you start. Yoga Evolution is an evolving community of practitioners who know that nobody except themselves can give access to a deeper understanding of Yoga. You know that you must do that for yourself.

What we as teachers can do is to guide you through some experiential teachings and practices, opening doorways in your consciousness. We will be there to support you as you walk through, finding your way into your mind’s farthest reaches and beyond.

Course content

It’s time to move beyond a predetermined understanding of anatomy from the outside in and get to know it from the inside out. Your experiences in exploring the subtleties of your energetic and fluid bodies will bring you to understand your own physical body in a different way. Then we can explore the individual nature (beyond assumptions and standardised approaches) of Yoga alignment and the powerful nature of embodied practice in asana, pranayama and meditation.
Most Yoga classes are limited to practices based on the sutras relating to the first four limbs of Patanjali’s eight-limbed approach to Yoga, ignoring that the sage spends the bulk of the Yoga Sutras detailing meditative practices far beyond those preparatory steps. We’ll explore and experience the oft-neglected third chapter of the Yoga Sutras in this course, along with a backward glance at the depth of heart-knowledge found in certain key passages of the Upanishads and the Vedas.
It’s time to move past the glass ceiling created by engaging in an endless cycle of perfection-oriented asana and pranayama practices. Of course we won’t abandon postures and breath work, but they’ll fall into the place that Patanjali intended for them, as preparations for the “real deal” that is Meditative Practice. We’ll explore the practice of Ritual, Mudra and Gestures, Prayer and Invocation, Chant and Mantra, and how they help us change our mental-emotional structure to drop into Meditative states of mind.
Have you ever felt frustrated in teaching, that you cannot quite express your experiences directly to students to help them shift? When we teach from an ordinary state of mind, our effect on students can only ever be ordinary. Which is enough for many, but what if a shift in your consciousness, as the person guiding the class, could bring about a new way of teaching? We will explore what happens when we teach from the heart, when a new language evolves to help us express our inner voice and guide our students to practise from theirs.
While you will be teaching, assisting, observing and giving/receiving feedback throughout this course, we reckon you’ll find it doesn’t feel like when you’ve done these things before. Why? Because we’ll open in vulnerability together and play as a community, finding what way is right for all of us to express and receive. We’ll discover how to enjoy the raw and beating heart of Yoga.

YA reg training course logoLike all our Yoga Teacher training courses, Yoga Evolution will be registered with Yoga Australia as a Post-Graduate Teacher Training course.

We have designed the course specifically so that you can upgrade your membership level with Yoga Australia, or apply for membership (depending on your previous training and qualifications).

Evolving Beyond

Beyond the realm of our thinking mind, of judging and learning and memorising, lies the land of intuition that Patanjali speaks of in the second half of his Yoga Sutras. From that place, your perspective on all you’ve learned about Yoga will shift and everything you thought you understood will change.

We want to help you to evolve into that place, to live your life and help your students from a deeper, steady space within you.

We promise you lots of questions. Evolution is an open-ended question, a perpetual asking that never necessarily answers in a way that you could explain to anybody else. It is in that asking, not in the finding (or being given) “the answer”, that we grow and evolve as humans and as Yoga Teachers.

From that place we stand in the best position not only to respond to our Yoga students properly, but to meet the challenges of life for ourselves.

Our next Yoga Evolution course in Melbourne will start on Saturday 28th October 2017.

Kelly Davies and Scott Rennie will be your main course tutors and mentors for Yoga Foundations, giving you the benefit of their decades of Yoga training and experience.

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