Unleash Your Inner Yoga Teacher

Are you ready to take your Yoga to the next level? Looking for a career as a Yoga instructor? Or just wanting to deepen your understanding of Yoga beyond what you can pick up in classes?

Our Yoga Foundation course is an 18-month, 350-hour basic Yoga Teacher Training program. This course is suitable for those without any previous Yoga Teacher Training who have a strong commitment to unfolding a deeper experience of Yoga. With our help you’ll not only learn about the many techniques of Yoga, but uncover the innate skills, experience and understanding you already have so that you can lead general group Yoga classes with confidence.

For those who wish to teach, this course will be registered with Yoga Australia and successful completion will allow you to register with them as a full member at level 1. (You can later continue your studies with our Yoga Evolution course which will allow you to upgrade to Level 2 membership).

A Solid Base of Understanding

Just as every tree grows from the roots up, we know that the foundation of your Yoga teaching is more important than any training you will ever do. Yoga is a vast subject, so the knowledge and practices we’ve chosen for this course are the ones we are sure will stand you in good stead again and again through a lifetime of teaching others.

We’re committed to helping you realise that vision of stepping onto the mat in a room full of students and knowing that you have everything you need to teach them well. Krishnamacharya’s guiding principle was that “one size fits all” doesn’t do people justice in Yoga, and we believe that applies to Teacher Training too. So our job is to adapt our ways to suit your individual learning needs, modifying the content and our methodology in order to meet them with excellence.

Course content

Let’s start at the beginning and get to know how the human body really works. Together we’ll explore the mechanics of anatomy and physiology as understood from the latest findings of western science, looking at the musculo-skeletal system, the organs, myofascia and everything else that helps us practise. We’ll also take an experiential journey into the Yoga concept of the human body, exploring seldom understood concepts of subtle anatomy as chakras, nadis and prana. We will investigate what’s actually there in order to leave you with a solid understanding of what actually goes on in Yoga practice, from the inside out.
The very mention of philosophy can make the mouth dry and the eyes roll into the back of the head. We’re pretty certain that it doesn’t have to be that way. Hidden in the great texts such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Baghavad Gita are roadmaps to the lofty goals of Yoga practice. We’ve done the dry and dusty travelling so that we can present the practical aspects of these texts to you in an easily understood and interesting fashion.
Yoga is all in the doing (as Patanjali tells us right at the start of the Yoga Sutras), so you can expect to be “doing” a lot for much of this course. We’ll focus on the asana (posture) and pranayama (breathwork) practices to give you the solid ground of teaching. We’ll also teach you about the fascinating areas of meditative practice, bandhas, mudras and gestures, sound and chanting, and much more.
Just because you can do a practice doesn’t mean you can (or should) teach it. Most of us have suffered at the hands of teachers whose skills weren’t so good, so we’re determined that nobody in our courses will miss out on understanding what really makes a good Yoga teacher and how you can bring that out in yourself. We’ll look at students’ learning styles and modalities of teaching too, demonstration techniques, how best to communicate in class and many other skills that will help you teach with confidence.
Everybody has a sense of dread when putting themselves up there on the mat, but we’d like to help you lower yours to a comfortable minimum. So, all through the course you’ll get used to teaching, assisting, observing and giving/receiving feedback. We won’t ask you to teach beyond your abilities, just to develop the ways that you can express what you know to others without fear or anxiety. That way, when you stand in front of your first students, you’ll know how great you’re going to be.

YA reg training course logoLike all our Yoga Teacher training courses, Yoga Foundations is registered with Yoga Australia as a 350 hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

We have designed the course specifically so that successful completion will qualify you for full membership (level 1) with Yoga Australia.

Teaching What is Inside

Our teachers taught us, inspired us and showed us that we had what it takes to teach others.

That’s why we know how important it is to do the same for you. Nothing less will do.

While teaching Yoga can be a career, first and foremost it is a vocation. If you’re searching for a course to take you there, odds are you already know that you have it in you. We want to help you bring it out – your way, not ours.

After a year of breathing, moving, laughing, crying, reading, writing, talking and learning you’ll be ready to help others. You will be ready to teach people just like you from a firm foundation of understanding of Yoga in all its glory.

The road to that place starts right here and right now. You’ve worked hard to make it to this point, but the next step takes just one click of a mouse.

Our next Yoga Foundations course in Melbourne begins on the Saturday 27th January 2018.

Kelly Davies and Scott Rennie will be your main course tutors and mentors for Yoga Foundations, giving you the benefit of their decades of Yoga training and experience.

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